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Fic-a-holics Anonymous

Get your daily Fic fix!

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All Members , Moderated
Do you adore fiction of any form?
Do you find yourself with a friends list full of fanfiction communities?
Have you ever spent your entire work/school day writing fics instead of what you're supposed to be doing?

Well, this is the community for you!!! If you just want to post a random poem, full length novel, or even a
fic recommendation, do it here! We welcome all fanfiction, original fiction, and original poetry.

The Rules:

1. All work must be *ORIGINAL!!!
2. Any post more than 100 words or rated R or NC-17 should be placed under a cut.
3. Entries must be posted as the following:

Fandom: (if applicable)
Characters: (again if applicable)
Type: (i.e. novel, poetry, drabble, etc...)
Author's Notes:
***Link to Recommended Story (if applicable)

4. Comments are more than welcome, but be constructive in your critiques. Nobody likes mean people.

5. The moderator reserves the right to remove any entry that does not meet these criteria. Spammers will be shot on site. Survivors will be shot again.

*Fanfiction obviously does not involve original characters or in some cases story lines. Give credit to the muse you are borrowing from. I hate lawsuits.

**All ratings are allowed, but please note that by reading R and NC-17 content, you are stating you are at least 17 years or older. We are not held responsible for corrupting an innocent mind if you should choose to read adult content.

***For fic recommendations - be sure to link back to the original story. After all, what's the point in recommending something to us, if we can't read it.

If you want to affiliate with us, please comment to this post.

Happy posting!